03 October 2008

La Foire

So wednesday we all went to the little fair near the citadel. By we i mean a ton of int'l students, organized by L, the french student who seems to have taken on the role of making int'l students be sociable. I invited the guy who lives next door, S. He had just gotten here, didn't know anyone, and seemed bored. It was fun. S n Stu and I went on one of those fast spinny rides... omg. I love fast rides. And a bunch of people played bumper cars- which apparently is taken very seriously, as there was one guy in a leather jacket, driving gloves, and the most serious look on his face. Lol. I took a picture.

We left entirely too soon. I think the French are a bit ADD sometimes. We went to a bar, and finally, at long last, to get food afterwards. Kebabs. They're ok, but a lot of the people are OBSESSED with them. I like the chicken kind better. It was a fun night, full of chatting and laughing and all that good stuff.

I got disoriented on the way home, and walked halfway to school before I realized I was going the wrong way. oops.

I came down with an awful cold during that week. Oh it sucked so bad. S gave me some meds cuz he heard me sneezing over here. Sweet guy. Everyone is getting that cold, or getting over it.

Happy post (weekend 20/9)

Ok, so I can't leave with just one post in 2 weeks, and have it be an angry rant. Things here really are great- just don't live in Franciscaines de Lille.

The weekend of the 20th, was the free public buildings and museum weekend. We hit the art museum, which is amazing. In france, its apparently second only to the Louvre. It had 3 Monet's. I was like, 1 foot from a painting by MONET. hah! I must be in france. There were lots of other famous painters, and there were some amazing paintings by names I didn't recognize. I wrote them down somewhere... And the statues! apparently the greeks NEVER wore clothes, not even during war or while farming. This place even had some random archeological things- egyptian, and random crosses, and a whole section of medieval art. And the building itself is AMAZING. It's worth going just to see the inside of the stairwells.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see much beyond that. We missed the trips up the belfroi, and apparently you had to have tickets to get into the Citadel! Noooo! I wanted to go in the citadel so badly, it just looks cool. I want to know where these tickets come from though, because there were a lot of places that required tickets, but the guidebook mentioned nothing about them. Grr.

Beyond that, not much that weekend. I was getting a cold and felt not much need to be out and about.

Bitch bitch bitch

That's what this post is for.

I hate this residence. It has a great location. Other than that, it sucks. Our internet gets worse and worse. They came up with a new rule, no skype or downloading after 9, the day after I bought skype credits.

We went through a week of power outages, apparently because of all of the space heaters people were buying. (serves them right for being so cheap and refusing to turn on the heat until they absolutely had to)

And apparently the lady in charge of the residences is awful, and impossible to talk to. Oh ya.

And the international office... I really don't know what they are supposed to do, because I have yet to see them do something useful when one of us int'l students come in with a question. Seriously?

And the laundry doesn't work worth... anything. It takes as much as an hour and a half for the washer to run?!?! And sometimes the clothes don't come clean... and then there's the dryer that takes even longer than the washer. And you have to guess how much time you need when you sign the schedule, but how can you know when the washin machine doesn't even know?