03 October 2008

Happy post (weekend 20/9)

Ok, so I can't leave with just one post in 2 weeks, and have it be an angry rant. Things here really are great- just don't live in Franciscaines de Lille.

The weekend of the 20th, was the free public buildings and museum weekend. We hit the art museum, which is amazing. In france, its apparently second only to the Louvre. It had 3 Monet's. I was like, 1 foot from a painting by MONET. hah! I must be in france. There were lots of other famous painters, and there were some amazing paintings by names I didn't recognize. I wrote them down somewhere... And the statues! apparently the greeks NEVER wore clothes, not even during war or while farming. This place even had some random archeological things- egyptian, and random crosses, and a whole section of medieval art. And the building itself is AMAZING. It's worth going just to see the inside of the stairwells.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see much beyond that. We missed the trips up the belfroi, and apparently you had to have tickets to get into the Citadel! Noooo! I wanted to go in the citadel so badly, it just looks cool. I want to know where these tickets come from though, because there were a lot of places that required tickets, but the guidebook mentioned nothing about them. Grr.

Beyond that, not much that weekend. I was getting a cold and felt not much need to be out and about.

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