03 October 2008

La Foire

So wednesday we all went to the little fair near the citadel. By we i mean a ton of int'l students, organized by L, the french student who seems to have taken on the role of making int'l students be sociable. I invited the guy who lives next door, S. He had just gotten here, didn't know anyone, and seemed bored. It was fun. S n Stu and I went on one of those fast spinny rides... omg. I love fast rides. And a bunch of people played bumper cars- which apparently is taken very seriously, as there was one guy in a leather jacket, driving gloves, and the most serious look on his face. Lol. I took a picture.

We left entirely too soon. I think the French are a bit ADD sometimes. We went to a bar, and finally, at long last, to get food afterwards. Kebabs. They're ok, but a lot of the people are OBSESSED with them. I like the chicken kind better. It was a fun night, full of chatting and laughing and all that good stuff.

I got disoriented on the way home, and walked halfway to school before I realized I was going the wrong way. oops.

I came down with an awful cold during that week. Oh it sucked so bad. S gave me some meds cuz he heard me sneezing over here. Sweet guy. Everyone is getting that cold, or getting over it.

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