11 September 2008

The First Day

From my journal, 21/08 1:31

So I finally made it, but the woman in charge was less than helpful. She showed me my room, the other public rooms and then I had to ask about Wi-Fi and even how to get back into the building! I forgot to get suggestions about dinner, shopping, etc. Plus, I've forgotten most of what she told me (only 2hrs sleep!) and she never told me how to find her (so I can't ask my questions!) I am so frustrated right now.

I got a shower. Yes!!! Pure bliss (after the hot water arrived, for a while i thought I was going to have to suffer through cold showers all semester). I went for a long walk, which really helped me get excited to be here, and called my love. I almost cried, it's hard to talk to him and think of him, knowing I won't see him for 4 months.
I found a Tabac (telecartes!) (tabacs are little tabacco stores that carry a few convenience items, sometimes beer or cofee, and the all important phonecards for mobiles and payphones) and a marché (food!) The sandwich was less than exciting, so I had cheese and crackers for dinner. I came back and unpacked. I love a clean, organised room.
By 6 (er... 18) I could no longer keep my eyes open. So here I am, at 1 something, possessing almost enough -courage- to walk to the payphone to call home.

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