17 September 2008

Thursday is apparently a party night

J and KA and I went wandering tonight.

We all had the FLE course (which was boring!) and then a bunch of us int'l students went for dinner before J n KA and I went to the Citadel park. There is this SWEET tree with a huge branch that droops down like a swing.. we climbed on it, and admiring the cops, and then we headed to the Grand Place. And this trio of drunk guys stopped and kept hitting on us and trying to pick us up while we were sitting at the fountain; And J kept talking to them!!!!

So eventually we headed home. I've never seen so many people out and about and drinkin on a thursday. Even so, and despite the drunk guys, it was fun, and not scary. And tiring. This weekend is supposed to be fun, so I'm eager for that!

We got a ton of fun pics, that I'm sure will be on facebook at some point.

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