17 September 2008

Yay for the Weekend

I know, it isn't the weekend anymore. But that's what I'm gunna write about, so there!

My weekend was rather blag, but with some fun high points. Everyone was being studious, seeing as we had our first 'week' of classes. Lots of just chillin'. Jen and I took Stu to see the pantheon cathedral, and the spooky alleyway. It was fun. And then we sat in the garden behind my residence, and Stu tried to climb the lil tiny trees there (it didn't quite work! lol).

I love Lille! It's so much fun to wander. Sunday I did just that, taking pictures until my camera consumed all the batteries I had with me. (my camera is a battery pig) I am eager to get some more so that I can take more pics. It is amazing how... small this city seems. It's (i think) the fourth largest city in France, and I was worried about coming to it (as I am total country girl, and feel quite uncomfortable in cities) but it feels more like a big town to me. I tried to get a sound clip of St. Catherine's bells ring, but I need to try again as I missed half of it.

Sunday night Jen and I were bouncing off the walls.. we got yelled at for being too loud, and she was doing shots of my chocolate ice cream sauce. i love it! It's a great relief to have an ever growing circle of friends/acquaintances already. If I can make this many friends, already, anyone can!

What else?

I called home again. Got to talk to W (just about my best friend). I had to wait FOREVER though, as he is 8 hours behind, instead of 6 like home. Well worth it though, and I have his address now sos I can mail him stuff.
Talked to my mom forever, she rocks.
Not much contact with J though. He was at some truck thing. It's ok though. I'm glad he's having fun.

And that was my weekend. Next weekend, I hope, will be more exciting.

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