05 November 2008

At la Catho

Class can be discouraging. I understand most of what is going on. And I feel like I should be ok. But it is so unknown. It is hard to take notes and keep track of the lecture. My note taking has become more and more abbreviated. As Dr. B recommended, I try to listen more and write less, which is definitely helpful. That and giving up all usage of phrases, articles, etc.

The catho is a very upper class school. Which makes some students a bit unapproachable, but there are still plenty that are friendly. Especially if you have fun colored hair. No one here wears colors. Black, grey and brown are the predominant wardrobe colors. And noone has unnatural hair colors. thus, the few international students with green or pink or blue in their hair get lots of attention, both positive and negative. And everyone remembers them. It's an interesting technique for meeting people, lol.

The most detrimental part is mind wandering. I am used to being able to let my mind wander a bit here and there, but it is just not plausible here. I get lost, and there aren't a lot of notes on the board, and french doesn't penetrate day dreams like english does. It is a very very bad idea, but it is very hard to avoid, i just can't concentrate purely on note taking for an hour or 2 hours straight.

My classes are all in the afternoon. I still am not sure if i like this or not. I means i can stay up later to talk to ppl at home, and sleep in later, etc. But it means i have no motivation to get up earlier and get stuff done, and less time after class to do things.

It is pretty well essential to study everyday. Reread or rewrite your notes, and fill in the wholes, because there will be holes. I am feeling swamped now, because like i always do, i put too much off until too late, and I am a bit behind, and a bit lost on somethings. And I currently have 3 papers and my thesis to work on. Can you say stressful? Next time, work harder, sooner (of course, i say this to myself EVERY semester)

But seriously, despite all this, i love class. I am so pleased by the amount I understand now. And the material is interesting (there was so much to choose from) and it is fascinating to see the differences between the 2 unversities.
I am very glad I came here instead of Angers.

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