17 November 2008

Panic attack averted.

So I procrastinated until my paper was barely done in time for class. But it WAS done in time. And I took my USB stick down to print it, and wait in line for TEN minutes. And then the guy informs me that he can't print for me right now, because this other guy is using the computer that the usb sticks go in.


So I went to class without my paper, even though I spent half the night making sure it got done. Thank god that because I am erasmus, prof's expect me to be retard, be late, misunderstand stuff, and hand things in late. He told me to bring it in tomorrow. Yay!!! I was about ready to cry after all that work making it done, and then a stupid printing issue ruining it all. I think tomorrow AM I'ma try to print it at the library instead.

So I am going to relax for a bit this evening. (not too much, mind you) And then its back to the grindstone. Another paper, and a possible retake... and then more papers. ugh.

Ireland, I'll post up about ireland soon, really I will.... Its a good story

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