12 November 2008


OK ok, maybe terror is too strong of a word. But I am definitely worried about how well i will succeed this semester. I have a midterm, a paper, and 2 translation midterms in the next week. Plus 2 translation midterms (eng-french has me quite worried) and I'm behind on my thesis.

Small word of advice, DONT go abroad AND try to start your thesis in the same semester.

So I'm loaded with work, plus I have to work on philosophy final papers soon. I feel swamped, and I know part of it is my fault, I never study early in the semester. I never needed to before college, and when I started needing to... well old habits die hard. And i'm a procrastinator.

The more work I get, the more I worry, and the more I worry, the worse my concentration becomes. I miss the NU library. This is the time of the semester that I would take my laptop, piles of work, coffee and headphones, and hide in the silent room for hours until I was caught up.

I can pull through this. I know I can, I always do. But until then, my head feels about ready to explode. Tomorrow... tomorrow I will get up early, empty my desk, and get some of this done. I must. I just hope that I caught enough of the notes in class, and understood the lecture well enough for fridays exam... I have only a very vague idea of what to study for it.

I will post up about my Ireland trip soon. It was absolutely wonderful, but right now I am going to bed so that I can get up at a decent hour, refreshed and ready to work. Maybe I'll even go to breakfast...

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