14 November 2008

Second DS

Yay! I made it. Hah. Really, it wasn't as horribly, terrifyingly awful as I feared. I'm not sure how I did. If it were a course back home, I'd say I did fine. But it's french, and I'm not positive my notes, and thus the resulting essay, were complete enough. Now, 2 papers, 2 translation DS and a retake to go... THEN I'll post up about Ireland.

Speaking of papers... this school's library SUCKS. I haven't found much of anything for resources, for either paper. And I tried to go today, because I am SO much more productive in a library (fewer distractions) However, the internet refused to work for me. Sooooo I came home. sigh.

But the DS is done -yay- I feel better now. On to the papers....

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