31 December 2008

Aigues-Mortes Sucks!

Ok, maybe I'm exagerrating a lil bit. But not a lot. I'm so annoyed. We really should have stayed in Nimes when we had the chance. Surely had cheaper hotels too.

So it is New Year's Eve and J and I just got back from wandering this town for an hour or two. And it seems fairly interesting. It has a huge fortress/wall around it- towers, archery windows, the whole nine. But it is DEAD. We got here around 7 and I figured we could find a bar or club to party. Not a chance in hell. Everything (and I mean everything) is closed. Well, except for one bar, which is packed with very proper, upper class looking old people. We saw, I think, 3 private parties. But that is it in the whole town. Most of the place, you would think you are in a ghost town.

And people are not friendly at all. It is NEW YEARS EVE! And ONE person said bonsoir. No one said "joyeuse fêtes" or anything like that. The few people we walked by made a studious effort not to make eye contact. Seriously! wtf? That surely would not be the case in Lille- there would be shouting and bonsoirs, and joyeuse fêtes and comment ça va's. bah.

Don't come here with any thoughts of having fun in the evening.

So I guess I'm off to talk to J for a bit before bed, I really will post up about things soon... really I will.

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