04 December 2008

I'm missing it!

My little brother brought home his first girlfriend!! He's had them before, but never brought one home. And i'm missing it.

Omg, i can't believe i'm missing it! :'( He's more like a friend and son to me.. and I don't get to see his first girlfriend. Apparently they spend most of her visits making out on the couch, oblivious to all teasing and making slurpy noises.

I want to be there to tease him and make his life hell darn it!!

He better have a girlfriend when i get back so i can drive him nuts :-D

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creeksidefarm said...

Hi there, Missing your brother's girl friend, and his adventures. :o) She seems to be a very nice girl. He's had her here several times, she came for Thanksgiving left overs. they watch movies together here. I am happy to see he feels comfortable enough to bring her to our home. a Good sign in my book.
Have him take a picture of her and send to you if he has not already done so. :O)