14 December 2008

Grades here are STUPID

Grades here are impossible. The french don't care what they get as long as they pass, and the professors feel the need to put us students in our place. Which wouldn't be TOTALLY awful. I do have really good grades in 2 classes. I dont know about most of the others. And then there's french, with that PSYCHO teacher. I hate her. And on friday... omg friday.

I had an oral exam for Ville et Mondialisation. I studied so hard, and I knew it. I had that stuff down. And I go in for the half hour oral exam. And he asks me: what do you think of france? Do you think france and the US are the same or really different? Were you surprised by anything when you came here?

So I'm thinking ok cool, we're gunna chat and he'll give me a good grade.

nope, he gave me an 11. It had NOTHING to do with the course, there wasn't even anything involved that was gradeable and he gave me a damned eleven. *grumble*

Btw, an 11 is either a C+ or B-, idk. Either way I am displeased. If you are gunna give a bs exam like that, it has to be an easy A. Otherwise, just let me take the real one. Cuz I was so ready for the real one. sigh.

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