23 December 2008

In paris!!

So I got to paris, and then got sick. I am uber talented.

I spent the day in Chantilly yesterday, and it was really fun, but I noticed I was getting sick. But I came back to the hostel in Paris, and got myself settled in with the intention of getting up at 630 and go to Versailles. And then I tossed and turned all night with a fever. I went back to bed, and stayed there until 1. Got up, went and got medicine and some food. Came back, and went back to bed. It's 10 here now, and I think I've spent all of 4 hours out of bed today, total. And that may be over estimating.

I am in a mixed sex dorm, which is really cool. Sunday night there was a girl from Chicago there, and we talked a lot. She spent the semester in Spain and doesn't speak any french. She left yesterday, and 2 chinese guys came in. They'll be here for the rest of the week. They have been studying in Sweden. They are cool, we talk a lot about random stuff. Although the one guy flooded the WHOLE room last night. It was kinda funny. You see, the cleaning lady leaves the shower curtain on the outside of the shower, and apparently he didn't know it belongs on the inside... haha. the WHOLE room.

I am so peeved I spent the whole day in bed. I was going to go to Versailles and walk, and a museum or two, and... nothing. So now I have to remake my "itinerary" cuz I totally lost a day. I'm so sad. I don't know whether to cut Versailles and see more of Paris, or go to Versailles and cut some museums and the inside of some churches.

Will post more later, gotta get Chantilly pics uploaded.

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