04 December 2008


omg. i'ma cry.

If you come to Lille, answer some questions wrong on the placement test ON PURPOSE. Do not, i repeat, DO NOT get into Pascale's class. That woman is a psycho bitch. -grumble-

She put the passee simple on the final... which she said she wasn't going to. And the subjonctive, even though we didn't do it. And she doesn't know how to write an exam for shit. Oh, and the vocabumary section? It had almost 2 dozen fill in the blanks. All of them except 2 were looking for words off of our list of words to study for the final. The other two were random french words!!!!!!! Seriously? Really? Truly? WTF!

And while we went over the stupid thing today, people would point out issues, and she'd be like, oh c'est pas grand chose! Only, she said it 20 times!!! 20 pas grand choses = trés grand chose!!!!

So... that class didn't help my grades at all. Dum bitch.

Philosophy had a test today, and somehow I managed to miss the part where he told us it would be today. I think I got about half of it write, if he gives partial credit. Lol. Not a big deal, cuz he is a nice professor, and will let me do some kind of make up, and even if he doesn't, it's only a very small part of the grade, so i'll survive.

Still not a very good day though.

Thank god for sitting in friends room and eating chocolate.

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