14 December 2008

The french are NOT afraid of committment

I went out with a friend to the gay club last night. It was fun, as usual. I like it there. Of course, S got lots of attention. He always does. And ended up spending most of the night with one guy in particular.

Only problem is, is S wasn't as interested in the guy as he was acting. And I had to rescue him, it was great fun. We were walking home, french guy included, and it was quite apparent he expected S to come home with him.

So I showed off my AWESOME acting skills. lol. I put on my uber sad, scared face and told S "I don't want to ruin your night *guilty look at french guy* but there is that guy that harrasses me when I come in, and you promised you'd come yell at him for me the next time he came" *extra scared eyes at french guy*

Seriously, I should be an actress. Although I think S did even better, cuz he even rolled his eyes at me and huffed. lol.

But anyways, before S even got home, the french guy had txt'd him to ask when their next date is. Haha. S has an "accidental" french boyfriend.

So if you come to france and go clubbing, be careful who you make out with, you may find that you suddenly have a very committed significant other. hehe.

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