04 December 2008

Musical classes

I posted this on tuesday, but accidentally to the wrong blog. lol


So I was sitting in the hallway, waiting for my cities and globalization class, when the professor walks by, and tells me that the class got moved to 12 for today, and I missed it. How? How can a school move a class and not let us know!!

At the beginning of the year they told us to check the billboards everyday to look for changes to classes. I actually, didn't do this, but when he told me that I missed it, I went and checked.

There was no notice.
None of the other international students knew either.

APPARENTLY we needed to check icampus. Nothing else is on icampus. They never told us we need to check icampus everyday. They never even MENTIONED icampus. They told us such things would be on the BILLBOARDS!

grrrrrrrrrrrr. I can't afford to miss class 2 weeks from finals.

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