01 December 2008

Voyager en France

I'm planning my trip for winter break!! I'm soooooooooo excited. I should have done it earlier to save money, but i haven't had time (big surprise).

I have a giant guide book which I went through at least 3 times highlighting places I want to go.

I have a map ( ) with the pins of allll the places I want to see. It had a lot more, but I slowly weeded out the one's that were less important, or that were way off out of the way.

So now I've put it in order, I even chose the hotels for the first for days, and am ready to buy one of the train tickets... I am going to contact some people about couch surfing ( www.couchsurfing.com ) for a few nights. And I found this really nice paris hotel for HALF PRICE. It's cheaper than a lot of the tiny, yucky ones. http://www.hotel-in-paris.com/ lists all the hotels that give you big discounts by booking online from their site. It's very cool. We're staying in... Hotel de Chateaux I think.

And over ngiht trains are great. Only problem is they don't appear to go from the south to the north. Still, it saves a hotel room cost. We're going to take one from Paris to Nice.

I'll post up my itinerary when it's a bit more realistic

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